512Hz Sondes


512Hz Bullet Sonde

Powered by a single AAA battery, the SS20X transmits a signal up to 20 feet through non-metallic pipe. The SS30X, powered by a lithium iron battery, transmits up to 33 feet.

When paired with the SXR Precision Locator, this sonde allows accurate locations in depths over 30 feet. Insert into a Sonde Carrier for a secure attachment to your sewer cable, hydro-jet machine or duct rodder.


  • 512 Hz Frequency for location cast-iron and non-metallic pipe
  • Slim-bullet design makes it compact for easy navigation down 2" p-traps
  • Durable: made with non-corrosive materials
  • Easy battery access
  • Made in U.S.A.
  • Lifetime warranty on materials and workmanship


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SS20X - 512Hz Sonde (powered by single AAA)
SS30X - 512Hz sonde (powered by single lithium ion rechargeable battery)

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Frequently asked questions

How deep does the signal go?

The SS20X will send a signal up to 20ft and the SS30X will send a signal up to 33ft. See Specs for more information.

What tools can I use to locate it?

Any receiver that picks up a 512 Hz frequency can locate the sonde (ex. SXR, Scout, Geneye)

Can I leave the battery in the sonde?

No, you must remove the battery after each use to prevent battery acid corrosion.

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