Gvision® V5 – Advanced One-Touch® Monitor

The Gvision® V5 delivers a clear picture, One-Touch® USB recorder and rugged design. It features a built-in footage counter and date stamp which combined with the Gvision® camera reel provides a powerful tool for video inspecting sewer lines.

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512Hz Sondes

Powered by a single AAA battery, the SS20 transmits a signal up to 20 feet through non-metallic pipe. The SS30X, powered by a lithium iron battery, transmits up to 33 feet.

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Brute Portable Cart Jetter

The BRUTE Portable Cart Jetter by Jetters Northwest is a powerful hydro-jet machine capable of using specialized nozzles normally used on larger units

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Gvision® Camera System

Rugged and simple to operate, the Gvision Camera System is an affordable camera solution with user-friendly functionality. Easily record inspections with One Touch® technology onto a USB flash drive or Apple® device.

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Gvision® Mini Reel

The Gvision® Mini Reel is a durable, portable mini sewer camera for inspecting 2 inch to 4 inch sewer lines. Its compact size also makes it a great tool for inspecting larger sewer lines with scale build-up prior to descaling the line. The Gvision® Mini Reel is fitted with 150 feet of stiff-yet-flexible push cable with powerful push capability.

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Gvision® V1 – Sewer Inspection Monitor

The Gvision V1 is a universal inspection monitor built for multiple camera reels. The Gvision features a militaristic design for extreme durability and can mount on a reel or tilt on its cover to view at angles. The Gvision V1 can be upgraded to a Gvision V3 with a DVR.

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Gvision® V3 – One Touch Record Monitor

The Gvision V3 monitor favors extreme durability and ease of use. The V3’s military grade design yields a durable, lightweight tool and incorporates a high quality LCD screen, delivering a vivid picture even in direct sunlight.

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Jet-Sonde Carriers

The Jet-Sonde Carrier is the ideal solution for locating underground pipe lines using your jetter hose. Our Sonde Carriers are designed to protect your sonde without interfering in its transmissions.

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MadDog Nozzle

The MadDog Nozzle by enz® is a redesigned Bulldog nozzle with optimized ceramic inserts for the highest ideal cutting power. Spinning 3 times faster than mainstream nozzles, it removes aggressive tree roots in flows as low as 5.5 GPM at 3500 PSI with 3/8 inch hose and up to 18 GPM at 4000 PSI with 1/2 inch hose.

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MiniFlex® by CamTronics

The Miniflex® is a flexible mini sewer camera that has been specially developed for inspecting small diameter pipes, drains and tubes (1inch – 4inch)

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P-Trap Sonde Carrier

The P-Trap Sonde carrier is our solution for locating underground pipe lines using your drain cable. When a pipe has tight turns and possible break, the P-Trap Sonde Carrier saves you from the risk of damaging an expensive camera head

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Samson Arm Hoist

The Samson Arm Hoist is a powerful lift for transporting heavy machinery to and from your truck. With the motor safely secured in one spot and all cable and wiring protected within the frame, this unique hoist is a compact size and will take up minimal space in your vehicle. Control the lift with an optional wired remote or a wireless remote for hands-free functionality.

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SpeedCut High Speed Chain Cutter

The SpeedCut is a high-speed chain cutter for cleaning, descaling and prepping pipe. Half the weight of regular chain cutting machines, this powerful tool will clean 2-6 inch lines with ease. With rotational speeds up to 3200 RPMs, the anti-flip SpeedShaft cable runs smoothly in the most harsh conditions.

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SXR Precision Locator

Built on a proven design, the SXR Locator quickly and accurately pinpoints camera sondes and other utilities. Dynamic and versatile, the Step Method offers users the ability to locate around obstacles and angles with greater depth and precision. The SXR Locator provides cutting-edge technology for sewer and utility locating.

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P-Trap Sonde Carrier for Tight Bends

The P-Trap Sonde Carrier was designed to slip through 2 inch P-Traps

Built to Perform

Our products are designed to address specific scenarios. From navigating a bullet sonde past tight bends to viewing a clear picture in direct sunlight, these innovative tools are both durable and easy to use.

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